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The "Trends & Foresight Research" services enable you to identify and interpret trends affecting your market and landscape beyond the here and now, in order to: 1) strengthen strategies, 2) inspire innovation, and 3) reduce risks.

Separately, we offer Topic Immersion Workshops on salient topics of our time to consider what your business could do to take the opportunities and mitigate the threats they create. 

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Not worked with trends or scenarios before? Introduce key concepts about trends, foresight and reasons businesses grow or decline and initiate the discussion on how your organisation is adapting to trends and uncertain future scenarios. Read more

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In our Map service we identify the trends affecting your consumers, competitors, markets and suppliers over the next 5-10 years": get a handle on what will matter most and the strategic scenarios and options that they create. Read more

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Getting great insight is about using both "Big Data" and "Small Data". Here we have the option of using both, finding the wants, choices and behaviour of customers, or views of experts, or sentiment of thought-leaders, to fuel the ideas pipelines across Product, Marketing & Service. Read more

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Once you've got some good product or marketing ideas, it's time to Evaluate them. Asking customers straightfoward survey questions will be hit and miss, but getting data from different angles can sort the good ideas from the not-so-good and shed light on what to do with them next. Read more

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This service helps you to build and Sustain a foresight capability, appropriate to needs and budgets: Use (cost-effective) tools and routines, locate data and identify the questions to ask of prospects and consumers to get KPIs that allow you to track the emerging landscape. Read more

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Or, if you to talk about how trends and foresight could help, contact us through the form below.

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