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Hide and Seek


In our fast- and ever-changing world, businesses need a constant stream of knowledge to plan for the future.

Opportunities and threats are coming thick and fast from competitors, adjacent sectors, new technology, regulation, changes in consumer attitudes, and global economic factors. How will we be affected by AI, how are different diverse consumer groups likely to feel about our marketing, how are other businesses becoming cashless?

No small and medium business can recruit for know-how that might be needed in relation to every combination of market, technology, function and consumer segment. Few can afford expensive consultancy assignments when each new question arises either. 

Therefore, InsightxChange is a "micro-consultancy" service that helps with sourcing insight and perspective from those that know more than us both - in UK or across the world - to shed light on your specific dilemmas. You pay for the expertise and perspectives you need and we find and qualify the people that can help, and then can broker the process to ensure all parties feel comfortable and secure in what they agree to share.

How it works

Who are "experts"?

Each case in different: people in the field, other business owners, consultants, contractors, academics, technologists, research students, influencers, early adopters, those with lived experience, journalists, provocateurs and hobbyists.

Perhaps you are an expert yourself and would be willing to share your insight and perspectives with other non competing businesses? If so get in touch as we are constantly expanding "the network", particularly in key trending themes.

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