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Our methodologies below are grouped into the following areas:

  • Strategy: covering business visions, strategies and plans

  • Innovation and NPD: covering the generation and evaluation of product ideas

  • Marketing: covering the creation of brands, marketing strategies and marketing campaign tests

  • Tracking: covering the tracking of customer feedback, brand health, competitor actions and wider market factors. 


Long term strategy

Develop future market scenarios and define the role your business will play in the future market.

New-market evaluation

Evaluate a market for its attractiveness to determine whether to enter.

Customer growth plan

Develop a growth plan in your current market(s) by winning more market share.

Develop the ecosystem

Map actors in your market and create a plan for strengthening partnership and networks.

Business plan

Build a business plan for the next 1-3 years based on evaluating current market conditions and trends.

Impact analysis

Evaluate a key technology, social or wider macro to consider how your business will respond.

Product innovation

Idea generation

Develop new ideas for the product pipeline by understanding un-met or underserved customer needs.

Feature optimisation

Optimise trade offs between features and price points.

Product roadmap

Surface ideas for new product or services features to be included in your roadmap.


Forecast demand for your new product or service.

Concept testing

Test product or proposition concepts to find the best and understand ideal customers.

Product review

Conduct a periodic product review  considering external trends, customer reviews and competitors. 

Marketing and CX

Define a brand

Develop new ideas for the product pipeline by understanding un-met or underserved customer needs.

Segment a market

Segment a market in one or more ways to choose segments to prioritise

Generate ad ideas

Generate ideas for both brand and direct marketing campaigns.

Buyer journey design

Define customer needs and expectations for designing new buyer or customer journeys.

Concept testing

Test campaign concepts to find the best and understand the relevance amongst different customers.

Create personas

Create customer personas to share amongst internal teams and promote customer centric thinking.


Market tracking

Track market events and competitor updates.

Technology tracking

Track technology or innovation developments in and around your chosen market

Customer sat tracking

Measure your customers' satisfaction and other key salient perceptions.

Social tracking

Track customer conversations on social media to understand current sentiments about key issues.

Brand tracking

Track how widely and well your brand is perceived externally.

KPI tracking

Define and track KPIs or other external indicators to inform how well your strategy is performing.

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