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Business gets busy. However, it's crucial to also take time now and again to review the changing world and ask how it is affecting things, now and later.

These consumer-trend workshops have been designed to provide interactive sessions of 4-5 hours where some of the key trends of our time (along with related perspectives of how we got here, how organisations are adapting, and what the future holds) are shared.

Via interactive exercises along the way, we create the space for stakeholders to form a point of view on what this means for their company.

If there are other topics you'd like to explore, get in touch or see our Map service for a bespoke and deeper review into your specific market.

Are you ready for the Gen Z consumer?

Gen Z consumers are different and rapidly important, worth 3x more than 3 years ago: They are not only heavy digital users, but rather view their life experiences online as important as the ones offline. Their drivers are arguably more complex than any generation before: Sociable and ambitious for change, but also carrying anxieties about their and the world's future while coming-from and influenced by diverse cultures.

Image by Clay Elliot

10 emerging technologies of 2020-30

Noone will escape AI. The technologists are driving the car at the moment while the mainstream population remain relatively unaffected... or so they think. In fact, AI is behind a huge array of influential marketing already. However, it is not the only technology emerging. Others at different stages of evolution include immersive technologies, cyber security, ambient computing, and more. We look at the state and prognosis for the "Big 10".

Image by Levart_Photographer

Sustainability and net zero: scenarios to 2030

Government high level plans exist for the UK's transition to 2050, but much  is also still up for grabs. Several key uncertainties surround a) public ongoing support, b) emerging technology, and c) the extent of regulation and tax. The question of "who pays?" and "how much" is becoming more acute as the economy stutters. We look at several scenarios and envisage impacts on SMEs.

Image by Ethan Wilkinson

Marketing: status and five year outlook

Digital transformation of the business environment has been underway for some years, significantly changing the way that businesses communicate to consumers. With AI also entering the fray, this workshop looks at the current state of marketing, consumer expectations and behaviours, key trends and potential impacts from different new technologies.

Image by Alex Knight
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