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Jewelry Sketches


Time to start making your ideas tangible for further testing? Our Create services provide collateral to help in the process of bringing them to life. We can work with your internal team, and preferred agencies or help find partners or third parties as needed.


Pitch deck*

Prepare a pitch deck for consumption by internal or external audiences to convey the idea, its potential and supporting plan


Bring the product or venture idea to life by creating a test website, UI design or 'paper prototypes' to craft the look and feel of the proposition.


Create supporting marketing or promotional content for different audiences that introduces your concept to the world.


Find and evaluate potential partners or third party service providers who can be part of your implementation or execution.

^ Denotes modules that can be bought as stand-alone offerings


  • Bring your idea to life to motivate staff, investors and lead users (as applicable)!

  • Quickly test competing concepts to find the best formula.

  • Develop and refine your narrative to external stakeholders.

  • Find and evaluate partners, who can accelerate or enhance your idea.

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