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Whether its AI or the aging population, when one or more topics of interest are identified, our Dive service enables you to go deeper: Unearth how consumers and other experts are thinking about the implications, how products and competitors offerings could evolve and why, and what this means by way of opportunities and threats to your business.



Define the topics, market areas or key trends that are of interest to explore further. Identify the key questions and the best sources to address them.


Interview a selection of customers (users and buyers) to get a holistic picture of their perspectives, behaviour and what might influence them to change in future.


Interview experts with different expertise or experience, to get a rich understanding of the state of play, trends, key players and prognosis for how things will evolve.


Collect broad and representative perspectives from trawling expert websites, social media, news sites, podcasts and video to gather influential and insightful ideas.

Idea workshop

Share, challenge, build and interpret the findings from the previous research. Create conceptual ideas and shortlist a manageable few that  can become pilots or be tested.


Revisit previous interviewees with ideas to get feedback, and/or carry out a short survey to test the ideas and understand levels of appeal with different audiences.

^ Denotes an optional part of the service. * denotes that at least one of these modules is needed.


A short report is provided based on the research from each of the Consumer360, Expert360 or Surf360 modules.


  • Gain a novel, rounded view of opportunities and risks from multiple perspectives.

  • Avoid blind-spots, increase objectivity.

  • Participate in depth interview sessions to deepen your understanding (if you'd like).

  • Understand & reconcile different conflicting views of different future options via the process.

  • Qualify ideas from a robust and holistic set of data to give a better chance of success.

  • Easily supplement the project with further interviews as/when needed in future.

NB: Benefits depend on modules used.

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