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Not worked with trends or scenarios before but believe your business should have a better handle on the future? Introduce is a short engagement to audit your 'future-readiness', and introduce key concepts and a selection of trends to a team of stakeholders to initiate discussion and debate on how well your organisation is equipped.



121 or small group interviews to explore your organisation's adaptability and future readiness, so as to unearth vulnerabilities and oppportunities.


Share and discuss the results of the Audit, foresight concepts and a sample of 6-10 key trends to discuss their relevance with a team of your decision makers.


A short report is produced documenting the findings, with the main conclusions of the stakeholders as a foundation of where to go next.


  • A low cost entry point (typically £400-£800) into the world of scenarios and futures.

  • Take a steps back to get a rounded view on your organisation's ability to adapt to key trends and changes in your industry, to surface new opportunities and risks.

  • Develop a point of view quickly and cost-effectively on if and where your organisation needs to probe deeper into the area of future trends and foresight: if so, where?.

  • Introduce new practices, tools and data to your strategy and business planning

  • Explore and debate important trends affecting your consumers and derive implications

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