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Want to understand how trends are creating opportunities and risks for your business and competitors? We map the impact of trends on to your business model and key functions to create an "opportunities and threats" radar that strengthens your strategy and inspires your ideas and innovation pipelines. If you want to take it further, we can rehearse future market scenarios and how your business will play within them to win.



Gather information from 121 or small group interviews across your company and/or documents to scope the problem, perspectives and capture existing insight


Gather a breadth of information to define and profile trends and map them and their impact on to your business and consumers.


Augment data-gathering with additional tiers of intelligence (e.g.) depth interviews, expert interviews, surveys and datasets. 


Agree the most important factors and trends and build scenarios, in and around a workshop on how these could plausibly affect your market 


Use the results of the scenario exercise to devise an inventory of opportunities, threats and options for your overall business and key functions or categories.


Document the process and learning in a report: Results include identifying trends to act on, trends to understand and those to track.

* Denotes an optional modules of the service. 


+ Information is gathered as a basic from many sources (data, journals, organisations, expert influencers, reports, social media etc) with further options provided for bespoke primary research, expert interviews and purchasing bespoke data sets. This will often require procuring additional third party services or data.. .

NB: All phases, but particularly the Analyse and Interpret phases project, involve collaboration - a point of contact is needed who can make final decisions based on stakeholder inputs.


  • Better recognise implications of new opportunities and threats that are already emerging.

  • Reduce the time to act on future opportunities or risks, through clearer anticipation

  • Build more robust strategies - either for the overall business, or specific functions.

  • Introduce fresh ideas to spur innovation, from new research or expert inputs

  • Harness expert knowledge, insight and perspectives from across your company.

  • Stimulate new dialogues about the future in house, to seed new innovative ideas.

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