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Services help you recognise and consider the trends affecting your market landscape and consumers, and how these could affect your business. Create options to tackle opportunities and threats. Test ideas to find the those with highest potential and track important signals going forward.

Each service is modular - with standard and optional elements - and can be focussed on your entire business or specific markets, consumer segments or topics.


Get introduced into the world of trends and futures via an interactive session that covers what trends are, some examples of trends affecting today's consumers that are relevant to your business, and examples of how businesses are responding to trends. Read More...


Look in depth at how trends are affecting different parts of your business, and customer base and how the future could pan out in light of plausible future scenarios. Generate an inventory of opportunities, risks and options to track or act-on within strategies and functional plans. Read more...



Research un-met and evolving needs of customers (users, buyers, makers and sellers) in your market arena from multiple sources of perspectives, so generating new ideas for your product pipeline, marketing plan or service initiatives. Read more....



Test and evaluate new product, brand, marketing or service concepts with customers, stakeholders or experts - using a range of methods - to get a rounded understanding of their pros and cons as the basis for better decisions. Read more....



Once you've found new market positions or trends of your own, you will want to communicate them to the world. These service options provide support for content creation and prototyping concepts. Read more...



Build sustainable processes and routines -  and use appropriate free or affordable tools and data sources - for tracking your changing landscape, in order to increase your ability to identify the importance of emerging opportunities and risks. Read more...

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