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Welcome! I enable small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and non-profits (NFPs) to help build better business strategies, proposition pipelines and marketing plans.

I use approaches as needed to give diverse perspectives on the size, nature, and prospects for trends including but transcending traditional market research studies: using expert insights, third party tools, open data and structured processes, like scenario planning, to offer multiple perspectives. I then work collaboratively with client stakeholders to interpret the most important factors for a business. 

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My Story

Researching, understanding and communicating insights has been my professional career. It has been a journey that crossed from academic research, into consultancy and the into the world of customer and market insight. Over the time, I've worked in three industry revolutions: 1) the telecoms deregulation and internet boom of the 1990s, 2) the emergence of maintstream low carbon technology in the 2000s 3) and latterly the emergence of AI powered customer-experience.

Working for larger organisations (E.ON, National Express, National Trust and the likes of BT, and investment banks as a consultant) and also small and medium enterprises highlighted the differences in resources available to "manage the future": to sense emerging trends, interpret opportunities and threats, truly understand customer needs, and build plans to prepare. 

Therefore, I've wanted to create these services to make trends and foresight research affordable and useful to a wider array of organisations, to help to de-risk strategies, identify growth opportunities, and basically not miss out on the fun!.


If you'd like to talk about your business or if you'd like to collaborate in some way, then please get in touch.

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