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Our services enable you to identify and interpret factors and trends affecting your market and landscape beyond the here and now, in order to: 1) strengthen strategies, 2) inspire innovation, and 3) reduce risks. Separately, we offer Topic Immersion Workshops on salient topics of our time to consider what your business could do to take the opportunities and mitigate the threats they create. 

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Introduce your team to futures thinking, foresight tools and consider the impact of several current trends. Enter here.

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Test proposition or marketing ideas to respond to different trends, understanding how different consumers respond. Enter here

Image by Amélie Mourichon


Spend several hours immersing in a critical topic of our time, to start to consider how your business should plan to respond. Enter

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Analyse how different future scenarios will shape your market, and how you can respond to mitigate risks and grow. Enter here.

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We work with you to create a plan to build your internal capabilities for developing foresight and using different sources. Enter here.

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Dive into specific topics of interest to understand how they may affect your business. Get objective, external perspectives. Enter here

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Use our future readiness audit to evaluate and build business capabilities for managing the future. Enter here.

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