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Sitting on Rock


Once you have spotted new or potential trends and developed new assumptions about your future, you will need to maintain vigilance. Maintaining foresight can be done with a range of (cost-effective) tools and routines. Working with you, we build a plan to build and sustain foresight while including the sources that you can use.



Via stakeholder interviews and benchmarking, determine suitable routines and tools to develop foresight and the ability to adapt, given your market context and resources.


If struggling for internal resources or wanting an external perspective, we can provide a tailored periodic  (usually quarterly) report with salient developments

* Denotes option can be bought as a standalone project.


  • Increase your organisation's ability to spot and adapt to changing business environments

  • Adapt earlier to new consumer developments and expectations.

  • Recognise, earlier, emerging best-practices or innovations.

  • Retain and develop an objective "outside in" perspective to challenge internal narratives.

  • Increasingly build an internal capability for customer-centric innovation.

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